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Inspirational websites about Islam and Sufism

Det yttersta trädet (The Tree at the Outmost Border of Creation) is a non-profit organisation that runs a Swedish Sufi webpage, accomodates for guiding school classes to a mosque, arranges annual Sufi retreats and weekly dhikr gatherings amongst other things.

Where Land Meets Sea is Det yttersta trädet's own Youtube chanel with hundereds of lectures about Islam and Sufism.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri's website. The SFH Foundation seeks to provide information about reality and our purpose and role in the quest for fulfillment and happiness. Every human being is a soul or spirit far greater than the limitations of the space and time in which it experiences life. The SFH Foundation strives to share this way of enlightened being through its publications, video and audio recordings and seminars.

Swedish Muslim artists

Mats Abdulkarim Cederberg is a Swedish Muslim artist living in Sweden. He is specialized in Islamic art, calligraphy and woodwork.

Saadia Hussain is a Muslim artist situated in Sweden. She works as an artist, art educator and art activist and has her base in Stockholm. Through her work she wants to create and share tools of creativity and reach out. The creative process has been an vital tool in her own life; to explore, question, create and share. Being born in Pakistan and raised in Sweden, Saadia carries duality within her, of her homeland and her motherland. Her topics revolve around home and identity about losing and finding, about longing for belonging.

Shaheena Akhlaque is a Muslim artist from Lahore that lives in Sweden since the 1980's.

Regina Mucwicki Mabrouk is a Swedish Muslim textile artist.

Areej al Mansory is a Muslim artist living in Sweden. According to her self: "Even as a child, I have always dreamt of becoming an artist. I studied at the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad for eight years. There, I learned painting, graphics, collage, and mosaic from competent and well-talented teachers. My father is a well-known artist in Iraq from whom I also acquired much experience in arts and painting. I grew up with the smell of oil paint, and this smell evokes positive memories which are always dear to me, and I value them so much. Basically, I majorly specialize in working with oil and acrylic. My paintings are colorful and often abstract expressionist art."

Hadil Mohamed is a Muslim artist living in Sweden. She ses herself as a Visual artist, Activist, and Storyteller.

Linda Nidae Ben Khalaf is a Muslima in Sweden. She is a henna artist.

Nachla Libre is a Muslimah and diaspora artist living in Sweden.

Sarah Ameziane is a Muslima artist living in Sweden.

Shama Vafaipour is a Muslima cake artist living in Sweden.

Johannes Anyuru is Swedish Muslim and an author living in Sweden. He has published many books.

Sami Said is a Swedish Muslim author with several published books.

Issraa Elkogali Häggström is a Sudanese-Swedish creative professional working with mixed-media installations, film and writing. 2018 marked her return to the theatre as a producer and dramaturgical researcher with the launch of National Black Theatre of Sweden.