About me

In the end of 80's beginning of 90's I studied art and architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, USA.

I discovered pottery in 2017 when enrolled in a evening pottery course with my then 13 year old daughter. At the moment that I put a piece of clay on the potters wheel, I was hooked on pottery. It feels as if I all along was a potter not knowing, until I took that class.

At that time I was 47, and to become a professional potter full time was, and is, slim. For the more intricate parts of the trade simply watching pottery videos on Youtube is not sufficient. That is aquired through long experience, hard work, and a full teacher guiding you for many years. So I decided to become a hobby potter instead.

My Home Pottery

My pottery is lokated in a 9 sqm storage room in my house. There I have my electric throwing wheel, 20 buckets of glazes, 100 Kg clay, tools and more. The kiln is on the outside, next to the studio, underneth a roof.


Try Pottery!

I am a firm believer that all humans are potters deep inside. It is in our blood, from get to go. Pottery is fun, contemplative and self mirroring!

I highly suggest to enroll in a pottery class where you live. In Sweden there are many evening courses available through our different Studieförbund, where they teach how to spiral wedge, throw a pot, turn a foot, and glaze the bisque.

If you cannot find a course but really want to learn the basics, I am happy to offer some of the know's and how's in the trade.


Support Pottery!

In an age of mass production and virtual reality crafts and the arts become marginalised, until one day they are forgotten. Please support your local craftsperson and artist by buying their unique and handmade products.

If you like any of my pots and would like to support my hobby pottery, then here are some pots that I currently have for sale!

A Gallery of the Pots

Pots for sale